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Friday, March 6, 2015

The industry standard for Help Systems is the Web Based or HTML based system. This means that the manual is on-line, viewed and searched as you would a web page.  The power is in being able to link to other areas of the help system immediately opposed to paging to those areas as you would with a paper manual. 

Macromedia's Robohelp is the most common tool used. Robohelp has recently released Version 10 which supports Mobile Device output.

I have over ten years experience in developing and preparing end user support material for both hard copy and web based applications. Tools that I have used are Macromedia's Robohelp, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and an HTML text editor.

If you need to prepare end user support material of business and technical processes, such as online help, user guides, release notes, training materials and context sensitive help I can help in this process.  A paper manual can easily be converted to a web-based help system if you have material already prepared.

I have worked with top management in developing and preparing many online help systems including several lending policies and procedures. This system can be personalized by incorporating your company colors into the final design or "skin" that is developed.  Below is an examples of a Robohelp web-help project.  This is a powerful tool, with an index, glossary and full search capabilities. 

SCS Web Design Basic Robohelp

Associated with any manual or policy, I can also build a "Revision History".  This is a powerful tool for any user who needs to know what policy or procedure was in effect at a specific time. 

I have links available to several web help systems I have authored. Please contact me for these links so you can see examples of the quality work I create.


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